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A wedding couple are laughing - the top of Linda's head is just visible and she is conducting the ceremony. The bride is wearing a beautiful gothic blue dress, the groom has a big beard.









Photograph by Graham Wilson

"We loved, loved, loved working together and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone wishing to have a ceremony full of heart and soul. She will not disappoint."

The Rutherfords - naming ceremony

Two brides are laughing and walking down an aisle created by their guests - the picture if full of confetti


I really, really love my job. Can you imagine what a joy it is for me to get to hear your unique love story; how you met, how you 'knew', the ups and downs and the amazing strength at the heart of your relationship? I take time to learn what marriage means to you and through our conversations, help you both remember what your wedding day is really all about.

I will deliver a ceremony that ensures your guests feel welcomed and included, and one which will allow them to discover what is just so special about your relationship, leaving them talking about how personal your wedding was for years to come. But more importantly, I will ensure the two of you feel relaxed and at ease, able to focus on the very special moment when you formally commit to spending the rest of your lives together.

Together we will make this a day to remember for everyone! 


Early in 2019, I decided to become a founder member of Agnostic Scotland. I am thrilled to be part of this association which supports me in my wish to offer families what they want in their own ceremonies, whether that be faith-based or secular content. Through Agnostic Scotland, I am able to apply for a Wedding Authorisation Licence to conduct all aspects of wedding ceremonies, including the legally-binding element.

Creative freedom can be daunting if you are doing it alone. With me by your side, it will feel like a true liberation. 

My wedding fee for 2024 is £650*, for which you will get: several in-person or video conversations; planning questionnaires to complete; assistance with choosing/ writing vows and readings; my time in crafting a script, my time on the day of your wedding for up to an hour before and after (as well as!) the ceremony itself; and a gift-boxed copy of your ceremony script. A portion of your fee goes to support the work of Agnostic Scotland and for each ceremony, I pay to have a tree planted in your honour as part of our Agnostic Scotland 'Trees for Life' grove!

*Wedding rehearsal is an additional £100

(Photograph of N & M by Rachwal Photo)

Image of two men in tweed kilt jackets. Both are laughing, one is looking at his husband, who is loo


There are so many reasons why you might want to have a vow renewal, and each one of them is a perfect justification to have a ceremony. You may want to celebrate the strength of your love when tested by adversity, perhaps having been through a difficult time as a couple. A time of illness or recovery can reveal new depths of love that you want to mark. Or perhaps you have a significant anniversary or another milestone in your relationship which deserves celebration. For some, a truly wonderful vow renewal can serve as the wedding they never had the first time around! 

I will share your story just exactly as you wish it; your whole love story, a beautiful description of why you want to renew or reaffirm your vows, or what you love and value most about one another. We can include all kinds of lovely symbolic elements if that’s the style of ceremony that resonates with you, and we can find roles for any important family members or friends. Of course, you can also “elope” and have no guests at all! 

It will be yours, from start to finish. There are no legal requirements for a vow renewal, but beyond that there are also fewer expectations from friends and family. You have a blank canvas. What shall we create? 

a couple's hands with wedding rings, one hand has black skin, the other has white skin


Of course, even a totally bespoke wedding might not feel quite right for you as a couple. Perhaps marriage doesn’t fit within your values or aspirations but you want to celebrate your commitment to one another. Or perhaps you do want a marriage, but want your ceremony to be a private elopement. (Scotland is a very romantic destination to which you can sneak off and get hitched!) 

Really, whatever feels right for you, we can create together. There are no rules; just your dream ceremony.

Image of Linda laughing as she looks at the camera, holding some green and blue ribbons


Whether your child(ren) have come to you by birth or adoption, it is a wonderful thing to take some time out to celebrate their arrival. This may be soon after their birth/ adoption, or it may be after a milestone like their first year as part of your family. Some people realise years later, when their children are older, that they wish they had done something like this. It is never too late and we can choose an appropriate title for the ceremony if it seems a bit beyond “naming” or “welcoming”! 

I will get to meet you and your child(ren) and hear what you would like to share of your family story. We will discuss what feels significant to you in holding a ceremony and the whole thing will be tailored to that requirement. I will help you think about readings and music or any symbolic elements. If you plan to have God/ Guideparents I can help you decide how you would like to bring them into the ceremony and consider any promises or vows to be made. 

And of course I will work with you to tailor the ceremony to meet the age of your baby or child; we will make it fun and relevant to them as well as meaningful. 

Pregnant Woman Enjoying her Drink


Please get in touch if there is any other milestone or time of transition that you would like to celebrate or mark. There is no "one size fits all"; we will create what is perfect for you, together.

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