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Linda Keys, a middle aged white woman with short hair, smiles to people out of shot. She stands in front of a large pond surrounded by trees

Story-centred celebrations
of life and love.


I lovingly craft and deliver creative, collaborative ceremonies with warmth, inclusivity, and heart.

I have always been led by my values in life and work, I care about the impact I have on people and the planet and act with that in mind. I take deep joy in connecting with people and building strong relationships with the couples and families I work with - many have become my friends in the process!

I am very proud to be a co-founder, director, and life celebrant with Agnostic Scotland.

Linda, a middle aged white woman with short hair, is sitting on a bench in a woodland. She is looking at the camera and smiling, her head leaning on her hand and her foot is on the bench.
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