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Story-centred celebrations
of life and love.

Photograph of N & M by Rachwal Photo


I lovingly craft and deliver creative, collaborative ceremonies with warmth, inclusivity, and heart.

I have always been led by my values in life and work; working in an welcoming and respectful way is the foundation of my approach. I love building real relationships with the couples and families I work with - some have even become dear friends in the process!

I am very proud to be a co-founder, director, and life celebrant with Agnostic Scotland.

"We found Linda online when looking for an inclusive and relaxed wedding ceremony and after one meeting knew this was the person we wanted to book. Linda is incredibly warm, nice and has a genuine desire to get to know you both individually and as a couple. Linda helped us to think about how we could make the ceremony inclusive and accessible for everyone attending and this is something she is clearly passionate about."

- Leanne and Caolan

Linda, a middle aged white woman with short hair, is sitting on a bench in a woodland. She is looking at the camera and smiling, her head leaning on her hand and her foot is on the bench.
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